Father and Daughter

inspired by the prompts found here

A nomadic father and daughter are travelling to their new home in the wake of an apocalypse, hoping beyond hope to find the security they’re searching for.

“Are you getting tired?” Dad asked as we traveled across the white sand.

“I’m okay.” I told him, perking up and trying to walk with more energy than I really had.

He let out a sigh, and began to slow down. “Mia, let’s find some shade and take a break. It’s about time you got something to eat.”

“I’m okay, really!” I said a little louder, running ahead as i shouted over my shoulder, my cloak rippling around my thin frame. “We gotta hurry! We don’t have time to be sitting around.”

The sand dune I was running across suddenly gave way under me, the whole world jerking forward as I tumbled onto the baking sand.


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